Anatomy of Problem Solving (1)

TL’DR: Finding a solution to a problem is something we do countless times per day. Time to spend some thoughts on it. After writing my last post (RESTwars (2): Some thoughts on goals), I have been asked about the difference between goal and requirement. This is a very common question. But even though it can be quite easily answered on its own, I would like to take the opportunity to answer the question in its right context. [Read More]

RESTwars (2): Some Thoughts on Goals

TL’DR: Defining the goal is one of the most crucial tasks in a project. This is also true for creating a RESTwars client, even more so since RESTwars does not have a ranking- or score-system. We take a look at what a “Hierarchy of Objectives” is and think about strategies and tactics. Spoiler: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the result. As I wrote some weeks ago, I intend to create a bot for RESTwars using as many optimization techniques as possible (and reasonable). [Read More]